10 Reasons Your School Website & Prospectus Needs Photography

Inspire students & parents

Bold, colourful and interesting photography can quickly inspire and excite future and current students. It’s also a great way to give parents a quick glimpse into a pupil’s school day!

Personal to your school

Professionally shot photography is more personal to your school compared to stock imagery. Helping you to stand out over the other schools and also helps to involve students, teachers and parents/family with the school even more.


Great photography helps to make your school stand out; giving the website and prospectus a personality which is sometimes hard to sum up with words.


If your website and prospectus has bright, bold and striking imagery it will help to make it more memorable. A great way to make an impression that could last!


Quickly adds colour and vibrant contrast to your school’s website and prospectus. Colourful and vibrant photography will help to make your school website and prospectus stand out even more!

School grounds

Gives parents, future students and Ofsted a view into your school’s exciting outside learning areas. Professional photography will capture all your lovely learning areas giving you the chance to show them off on your website and prospectus.



Opting for professional photography gives you more chance to optimise images for SEO, this can help to improve your school’s Search Engine Optimisation. This can help to make your school appear at the top of Google search results.

Students & teachers

Giving students and teachers a chance to be captured in some photography helps to involve all aspects of the school within the website and the prospectus.


School photography helps to show your school’s specialist subjects, a great way to emphasise these in your website and prospectus.


Working on photography with a school gives Edusite the opportunity to edit the images to enhance the colours, contrast and detail. Paying attention to the finer details will really give your prospectus and website a professional feel.

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