4 Design Predictions for 2016

Here at Edusite, we take a great interest in what’s currently on-trend with design, to ensure we can deliver great looking school websites.

Long Scroll

Having a short page where the user doesn’t have to scroll is now a thing of the past as most people are used to long scrolling pages due to the use of mobile devices. Having to place all of your most important information above the fold is now of lesser importance and the placement of a large image slider at the top of your website is more and more popular.

Responsive Design

In recent years responsive websites have been on the up and in 2016 are an absolute must. With more and more website traffic coming from mobile devices such as mobiles or tablets (which you can verify with Google Analytics), websites have to be designed and built with this in mind. Not only do users expect to find a responsive website when visiting a website on their mobile, Google takes this into account in their search engine rankings too.

Minimal ‘Flat’ Design

Flat design has been popular for some time now and we don’t see this changing in 2016. Many new websites will launch with flat designs and existing sites may try to make things even flatter. Not only is flat design a trend, it has added benefits such as readability of fonts on smaller devices and smaller file sizes, which means faster loading pages.

Bold Colour and Typography

Colour and typography can be used effectively as part of your branding to convey your school values and ethos. In past years, there have been certain restrictions on what can be achieved with typography, however as things have evolved, online web fonts are now much more accessible to all and will result in a wider range of possibilities. We also expect 2016 to see a rise in the use of bold colour choices.

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