4 Ways to Generate Content for your School Website and Blog

In order to keep your website audience engaged; primarily parents, it’s important to publish fresh content on a regular basis. Keeping them engaged will improve communication between home and school, and give a really positive impression of your school.

It isn’t always easy to find the time to write new content for your school or academy website, see if our tips can inspire you:

Get help

Don’t rely on just yourself or one staff member to write content; get others involved too. Parents, teachers, governors, pupils and even ex-pupils can all add something meaningful to your school blog or news section. You could ask teachers to write about what’s happening in their class or a particular event or trip; and pupils can write about their experiences too.

It’s not just words that you need

Don’t feel like everything posted on your school website has to consist of lots of text, it doesn’t. A series of pictures or a video, perhaps put together using a service like [Animoto](Link: https://animoto.com/business/education) can paint an even bigger picture. Ask a keen parent or teacher to take snaps at events or get in a professional photographer. Best of all, it’s really quick and simple to upload photos to our school websites so you can have them published in no time.

Check you’ve got everything you need for Ofsted

It might not always seem like the most interesting of content, but having the Ofsted requirements on your website is crucial for any school. Not only that, but there will be parents out there who are interested in the information. You can read our Ofsted help sheet here to check you’re ticking all the boxes.

What do your parents want to know?

Have you thought about asking parents what they would like to hear about from school? If you use social media you could ask them to share what they would like to hear from you. You could even create a survey for parents to fill in. Answering the questions your website audience would like answers to will create interesting content and could help inspire a range of content such as blog posts or an FAQ section on your website.

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