5 Reasons Your School Needs a Prospectus FlipBook

Although the printed prospectus is no longer an Ofsted requirement, we believe prospectus’ are still an interesting eye catching tool in which your school can communicate with guardians or any prospective guardians of new school children.

  1. It can be easily viewed online, adding more interesting content to your school website and is an exciting way of showing off your bright and colourful school photography.

  2. Keeping your Prospectus FlipBook online only will also save money on printing costs!

  3. It can easily be designed to match your school branding with consistent colours, fonts and logo.

  4. Readers often engage easier with a book type medium, so a FlipBook would be a perfect way of engaging with your audience.

  5. Your Prospectus FlipBook will also be responsive making it easier to be viewed on mobile devices.

If you’re interested in a Prospectus FlipBook then get in touch or view our Prospectus page for more information!