5 Things You Should Ask Your Web Designer

1. What design services can you offer?

Many design companies, including Edusite, offer more than just website design. Enquire if an agency can offer your school a whole design package such as Photography, Prospectus, and Logo Design.

Having all your school branding done in one place can help to create and keep a consistent brand, it also gives you a piece of mind knowing you only have one company to contact rather than several - making the whole process simple and stress free. Why not see what packages Edusite have to offer?

2. Will my website be responsive?

Responsive web design is a type of design that ensures that your website can easily be displayed on all sorts of different screen sizes, such as mobile, tablets and laptops. Making sure your website will be responsive is now an important factor that should be thought about for all websites.

Many of your visitors to your new school website could be viewing on mobile-devices, so making browsing easy and enjoyable experience is important, and a responsive website design can do this for you.

Search engines, such as Google are now looking at websites to see if they are mobile friendly or not, websites that aren’t may be displayed further down the list in Google searches. Making sure your website will be responsive doesn’t only give users the best experience but also now effects your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Responsive design is currently the most popular way to design websites, so make sure you ask your website designer if they can do this for you. Edusite develop all their websites to work responsively, helping to give all your website users the best possible experience.

3. Do you offer WordPress/CMS training?

WordPress (Content Management System) training is a very important aspect of your school website package. WordPress training can help to ensure that you will be able to carry on adding content to your website!

Here at Edusite we offer 2 hours WordPress training free of charge with all of our website packages. We believe that website training is very important to ensure that you will be able to easily add new content to your site.

4. Do you use website templates or are each of your websites custom built?

It’s important to know what you are paying for when buying a website, some web designers use ready built templates and some web designers will create custom built bespoke websites for your school.

Edusite always build your websites completely customised to your school, we believe that every school should have a website personal to them.

5. Do you offer a Content Management Service?

Website Content Management can be really helpful for many schools, here at Edusite we offer Content Management as an add on to all of our packages.

Being able to send your website content over to your designer to add to your websites saves your school time and also helps to keep the website looking consistent across all of the pages.