5 Ways to Refresh your School Website ready for the New School Year

Keeping your School Website interesting and fresh with content is important to help keep your audience interested in your website. Making the most of your online space is very important as it really helps to make your school stand out and helps improve communication between your school and parents.

1. Refresh your Classes Information

Update your classroom pages with new information about the new set of pupils/class. Or add some new images of your fresh new classroom displays. You could even welcome your new students to their new class with a quick post.

2. Refresh your Schools/Headteachers Welcome

Updating your schools/headteachers welcome text is a quick and easy way to refresh your website. Giving your audience a new prospective on your school.


3. Have Some New School Photography Taken

Having some new school photography taken can completely refresh your school website, adding new bright colours and a fresh new approach to your school. Updating your banner/slider with some fresh new photography is a great way to make your homepage look brand new! Here at Edusite we offer half day photography packages, get in touch for more information.

4. Add New Content

Uploading new content regularly to your site helps to keep it up to date and interesting for your audience. Why not add a new news update, blog update or generally update the text on one of your other pages.

5. Update your Documents

Add your new school policies to the policies page to help keep people informed about any changes that may have been made. Or if you’ve had a new prospectus created recently why not upload that to your school website.