Choosing a Design Agency

Your current website just isn’t cutting it anymore but you don’t know where to look for a new one. It can be tempting to pick the first five companies on google and go with the cheapest, but do you really know what you’re getting for your money?

Let us explain the most important things you should be asking about when picking an agency to make sure you get the best deal AND the best website for your school.

Will The Website Be Easy To Update?

You’ll presumably be updating your website frequently with newsletters, new policies and other important information, so you should find out which CMS (content management system) an agency is using. Bonus points if you can see it in action before any agreement is made.

Bespoke systems sound fancy, but in reality they haven’t been widely tested so may not work very well and might not be well supported if something happens to go wrong. We’re very open about our love of using WordPress – it’s the most used CMS in the world which means you can rest assured a lot of people have used it and liked it!

Before sending you off into the wild with your new website, we’ll offer a full training session for you and your colleagues to make sure you know exactly how to update all areas of your website. We’ll even provide you with a guide that walks you through each stage step-by-step.

Will The Website Help Your Schools Reputation?

When parents are thinking of sending their child to your school, the first place they’re going to look is your website. The school may be full of modern technology and innovative learning environments, but if the website isn’t easy to use and modern, parents are going to see that as a reflection on the school itself. You want an agency that understands this – any old website just won’t do. Edusite make sure that your website is in line with current design trends, easy to navigate and we can even offer a photography package so you can really show off your school!

Will The Website Be Unique To Your School?

Sometimes you might look at a school website and realise you’ve seen five other school websites that looked almost identical – this is because some agencies use templates and then add in the schools logo and images. Whilst this can save you some money, it doesn’t accurately represent your school for the unique environment that it is and honestly, it’s just a bit boring! At Edusite, we work with you to build a completely unique website to your requirements and preferences. We’ll keep you in the loop right through the design process allowing you to make changes along the way to ensure we really make your ideas come to life.

Will The Website Be Easy To Find?

When people want to look at your school website, we can’t assume they know the URL – they may need to Google the school in order to find it. Not all websites are built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. If this isn’t considered, then people searching for your school website might have to go through a few pages before they find you. We build every website with SEO in mind to make sure your school is top of the list!

Will Your Website Last And Be Relevant In The Future?

Ideally, your website should look up-to-date and keep working for years to come – even as technology continues to change. This means it should be built using all the latest coding standards, with current design trends in mind and be responsive, meaning it works well on a computer, mobile or tablet. At Edusite, we make sure your website follows all of these best practices, as well as regularly making updates behind-the-scenes to ensure everything keeps running as smoothly as the day it was built.

Will Your Website Be Ofsted Compliant?

It’s important that your website meets Ofsted regulations – they visit your website before arriving at your school so it’s vital that you’re fully compliant and start the visit on a good footing. Your chosen design agency should be fully aware of the Ofsted requirements and able to offer guidance on the subject. At Edusite, we make a point of staying up to date with current regulations and build websites that make it easy for inspectors to find the right information.

How Will Training And Ongoing Costs Work?

It’s important to check how a design agency deals with updating a school website. With our schools, we offer training and support so that should you choose, you can update the website yourself. Checking how this is managed should mean you can avoid any charges for each update or being given a website and left to your own devices without knowing how it works!

Can You Be Sure You’ll Love The Design When It Goes Live?

We firmly believe you should be in love with your new website by the time it goes live. We’ll ensure you are by involving you at each step of the design stage and asking you to sign off on the design before we build it. Once it’s built, we’ll send you a link to check it out before anyone else can see it. This is very important as with any agency, if you’re unhappy with the design after it goes live there could be a sizeable bill to change the design.

To talk to us about your school website and for a website quote, you can call us on 01274 649731.