Considering a Rebrand for your School

There are various reasons your school might need a rebrand. We’ve put together a list of reasons why it might be a good idea to consider rebranding and how the rebrand can help in these scenarios.

Change of Leadership

If you’ve had a change of leadership recently, this could mean big changes within your school. Whether this is a new vision or a new focus for the education you want to provide or you just want to symbolise the change, rebranding is a great way to help people recognise this. New signage or a new logo will really draw attention to the fact that something has changed and can refresh the way people see your school.

Ofsted Improvement

If your school has recently made a big improvement with Ofsted it can be good to rebrand in reaction to this. If your current school branding is associated with a less than perfect Ofsted score you can use this to help give a visual association to the improvement. New graphics or signage around and outside the school along with a new prospectus which details all the ways you’re improving can be a great way to change prospective parents’ opinions of your school.


Outdated Branding

If your school has had the same branding for a lot of years, it may look a little out of date. Quite often this can be improved by considering new colours for the school logo or perhaps just some new, cleaner looking signage. People associate a modern branded school with being modern in every way – technology, teaching styles etc. You may be accidentally giving the wrong impression of your school if your logo and signage is looking a little outdated.

No longer in Keeping with your Message

Every school has something unique they want to portray to the public – this could be something in their mission statement, a reflection of the landscape surrounding the school or the excellence of their students. Sometimes as these ideas develop, there can end up being a disconnect between your branding and your message. As your branding is the first impression people get of your school, it’s important that it does correctly reflect your message.

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