Coronavirus Information

In the midst of the ever changing Coronavirus situation in the UK, we want to reassure our schools that we are still working and are available to offer assistance with your website. If you subscribe to our Content Management service, we will still be uploading this for you as usual. We understand that it’s vital for schools to get information relating to Learning from Home on their websites urgently and we are prioritising these requests along with any coronavirus information and information on school closures.

Whether you subscribe to our Content Management service or not, we understand that schools might be wanting user accounts for all staff so they can update learning resources in the event of a school closure. We are happy to create as many accounts as needed and provide support to staff who have never updated the website before.

If you need support with updating your website or would like a copy of our websites guide, please contact us on

To offer our assistance at this time, we’ve collected some great Learning From Home resources for children to work through. Feel free to post these links on your website to share these with your students. Though we have checked each of these websites, we do not own them so are not responsible for any content posted.

Learning From Home Resources

We hope you’re all doing okay through this difficult time.

The Edusite Team