Does your School need Professional Photography on your Website?

Professional photos are a big part of what makes a school website really ‘pop’. Photos taken on a mobile phone or a tablet are perfectly fine for class pages and news posts, but for the parts of your website that create that all-important first impression, photography makes a huge difference. Here are some of the reasons we recommend professional photography:

Clear, High Quality Photos

You can be assured photos taken on a professional camera are of a high enough quality, better than those taken on a mobile phone which is especially important when photos are used at a larger size. By higher quality, we mean sharper, crisper photos that don’t have that pixilated or blurry appearance you might have seen on some school websites where the photo isn’t really fit for purpose.

Bright and Colourful

Your professional photographer will have a strong idea of how to get the best lighting in a classroom and be able to use that to get lovely bright images that show off your facilities in the best way possible. They will also be able to edit the photographs to really bring out the colourful environment the children are learning in.

Best Composition

A professional photographer will understand which angles are going to be best for showing off as much of your school as possible in each image. They will also be able to pose the children in a way that looks natural but really shows how much the children do at school.

Best fit for the Website

Photo sliders on school websites can be quite long horizontally but don’t have much vertical space. This can mean that whilst you have a lovely photograph, once the image is placed in the slider it loses the context of what’s going on. Our photographer will take the photos with the size of your slider in mind, meaning you don’t have to crop out the important bits!


Excited children

It’s pretty much a fact that the children get excited when they see someone walking around with a big camera. This is a good thing! The more excited the children are, the more excited they look in the images and this reflects really well on your school – who doesn’t want to show off that their children are happy and excited in school?


If you’re looking to use photography across the school website and prospectus, it’s a great idea to have all the images taken by one person. This generally means they’ll all be of the same quality and be edited to have the same tone across all the images. This really helps tie everything together and give you a consistent brand.

You can see some examples of our photography on the homepage of these websites:

Oxenhope Primary School

Sandy Lane Primary School

Park Spring Primary School

Cavendish Primary School

If you’d like to speak to us about your photography needs, you can email us at or call us on 01274 649731.