Google Analytics for schools

So what is Google Analytics? It's a free service offered by Google that provides website owners with useful statistics on their website visitors. At a basic level you can see how many visitors your school website receives, but it can become much more indepth, (that's if you want it to!)

It's simple to set up and start using and we'll integrate it into your new website for free and give you a quick insight into how to use it. All you will need is a Google account of some sort and to give us this email address.


You can see how long your website visitors stay on your website, which content is most popular, where your website visitors come from and even the device they are using. More complex uses include setting up goals to measure conversions, e.g. completing a form and you can even get this info straight into your inbox in the form of a report. Useful eh!

Overall, Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing how well your website is doing, and which parts of it may need improvement. A great free tool.