How to pick a design agency for your school

When you look for a design agency or IT company to work with you on your school website, branding or other creative project, you want to be confident you’re making the right choice and that you’re going to be happy with the final outcome and the journey itself.

Firstly, consider what the design company can offer you. Even if you’re only currently in need of a new school website, can the agency deliver all of your design and marketing needs that you may require in the future? Having all of your requirements catered for by just one company will ensure continuity throughout all of your projects and should save you money too, not to mention valuable time. Your design agency will know you and your school, meaning you won’t need to relay your school values and the image you want to portray time and time again. Consider whether the design agency can deliver school websites, branding, blogging, video and photography; to name just a few of the school design services you may be looking for.

You may also want to evaluate how long the creative agency have been established. Whilst you want them to have experience they can draw on, are they young enough and fresh enough to bring a new and creative perspective to your school design projects? Do they use the latest coding technologies to future-proof your school website and implement important functionality such as responsive design?

Whether or not the design agency is education focused should probably be one of your main considerations. Whilst an agency might have fantastic design skills and create a beautiful website, do they have the all-important experience working with schools? An IT firm that knows the ins and outs of school websites will undoubtedly prove to be a huge benefit to your school as they can apply their vast amount of experience to your project. They will be aware of the Ofsted requirements that your website has to meet and the content and features that parents, governors and pupils expect to see on your school website. Do they offer functionality such as a kids zone and translation facilities?


Another pointer from us is that you might want to take a good look at the design portfolio. Do you see websites and other work that impresses you? If their portfolio of work doesn’t leave you feeling excited about what they’re going to create for you, they’re probably not the right firm for you. Have they designed websites for large schools and small schools, primaries, secondaries and academies alike?

Here at Edusite, we’d like to think we’d score pretty highly for all of the above, but you can decide for yourself. Visit our portfolio, case studies and testimonials and if you’d like to know more, email us on