What We've been Working on

We’ve worked with a lot of great schools recently to design and build some beautiful responsive websites alongside various other design packages. Read below to see what we’ve been working on!

Rainbow Primary School

We worked with Rainbow Primary School for a while, managing their website content, before they decided to get a whole redesign. Their biggest priorities for the new website were achieving a clean, modern look and a clear navigation whilst subtly incorporating the rainbow colours from their logo.

We used a lot of white space to create the clean style they were looking for whilst mixing in rainbow colours as little section dividers. Click here to view the website.

Park Spring Primary School

Park Spring Primary School came to us looking for a new website and photography to celebrate their new school building. They wanted the homepage to have a heavy focus on imagery which we achieved by giving them a large image slider at the top of the homepage and an image carousal at the bottom.

With their photography we made a point of highlighting the excellent facilities inside the building and the variety of outdoor spaces surrounding the school. Click here to view the website.

Worth Valley Primary School

Worth Valley Primary School wanted a website which was colourful and child friendly. They requested a graphic-based header to show off the beautiful scenery that surrounds the school. We drew them a custom image for this making sure to keep it very bright and childlike whilst including all the key parts of the landscape around them.

The rest of the site makes great use of these graphics whilst still being easy to navigate and modern in appearance. Click here to view the website.

Oxenhope CE Primary School

For Oxenhope, we did a full school rebrand. They were looking for a new website, prospectus, photography and signage to display both inside and outside of the school. As part of the rebrand it was important to the school that we create some graphics which represented the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside. To do this, we used circles in shades of green, blue, yellow and grey to represent the hills, the sky, the sun and clouds. These graphics have been used throughout the website as well as on their new signage and prospectus. This gives them a modern, professional and consistent brand across the whole school. Click here to view the website.

If you’re interested in a new website or any of our other services, please get in touch through websites@primaryt.co.uk or call us on 01274 649731.