Paper Copy vs Digital Copy

Over the past ten years digital media has become increasingly popular, and with the increase of popularity comes the question is paper copies or digital copies now more important? Of course the answer depends on who your audience is and who you are trying to communicate with.

Paper Copy

Although many people have adapted to the digital world, using mobiles, tablets and computers daily there are still a large amount of people out there that do not have as much involvement in the digital world.

Maintaining your schools paper copy of letters helps to make sure that nobody is left out.


Digital Copy

Creating digital versions of school letters, policies, and prospectus’ saves a potentially huge printing cost. It also helps the environment!

Digital copies of your resources are quicker and easier to access for parents. They can also access from anywhere e.g. work, home, or abroad. Meaning you can constantly keep in touch with parents no matter how busy their schedule is.

Digital communication also gives parents many different options of how they can get in touch with a school, for example they could email their child’s teacher or even get in touch with the school via the schools website contact form. Many schools have contact pages on their websites now making communication between parents and the school even easier.

Which One?

To make sure that your schools communication is at its best why not provide parents with a paper copy and a digital copy. That way parents that aren’t as in touch with technology can still access all the resources and parents who are busy and always on the move can also easily access all your schools resources online. Keeping both these options helps to make sure that communication is at its best.