Parents and Your School Website

Parents are one of the most important audiences that will look at your school website so it must impress, inspire and most importantly improve communication between parents and your school.

Responsive websites

Many parents may now view your school website on a mobile or tablet so having a responsive website is very important. Responsive website design means that your website will automatically resize to fit many different types of screen sizes e.g. mobile or tablet.

Mobile friendly websites will make browsing for parents much quicker and easier. This is especially important when parents may not have the time to browse leisurely through your site and may go on quickly to find the latest letters, news posts and images.


Communication isn’t always easy, but there are many ways that you can use your school website to improve communication between your school and parents.

Why not have a page on your website just for letters home to parents? If for some reason parents have missed the paper version of the letter that has been sent out they can still check online for any recent letters.

Use a news or blog section to post recent updates about the school, information about school trips, or interesting information about what’s been going on in the classroom or school recently. Parents can feel like they have a close connection with the school without having to constantly talk to teachers and other members of staff at the school.

Use plenty of imagery on your website. Images say a thousand words so plenty of pictures of what’s been happening at your school can quickly send a message to parents about how the school is run and what their children have been doing at a daily basis at school.

Impress and inspire

Impress parents by setting up a blog with our free blogging platform PrimaryBlogger. Keep it regularly updated and link to it from your school website. Blogging about any trips, special activities in class or the general school day will impress parents and also help to make them feel more part of their child’s day at school.

Inspire parents by having a school video created and added to your school website. A quick two minute video is just short enough to make it quick and easy to watch and quickly gives off an impression of how the school is run.