Save Costs with Prospectus Folders

Although we’ll probably all agree that a high quality printed school prospectus will really impress prospective parents, some schools are choosing to save money by opting for prospectus folders rather than the traditionally printed prospectus or school brochure.

We think a compromise between the two could work out best; a few pieces of key information printed as a traditional prospectus, with a flap on the inside of the back cover for inserting extra pages.

Folders like this are extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways, such as collating information for prospective employees and Ofsted besides the obvious use as a school prospectus/information pack for prospect parents.

The school might decide to print the insert pages themselves to reduce costs or might choose to get sets of specific sheets professionally printed, but the use of such folders can greatly reduce the cost compared to having full multiple-page prospectus’ printed.

Our folder or full prospectus designs will be designed to match your existing school branding and we could even provide you with a branded letterhead for you to use in programs such as Microsoft Word to help maintain a strong consistent brand across all your printed items.

To have a chat with one of our team about your school prospectus, give Edusite a call on 0845 68 01274.