The Information Parents want to see on your Website

As well as having your website up to date with important documents for Ofsted, you can also use your school website to keep parents in the loop with what’s going on in the school. Below you’ll find a few things we recommend updating regularly to make sure your website becomes a useful resource for parents and carers:


Any general letters or weekly/monthly newsletters you send out can be added to your website. Parents might not have somewhere to store paper copies of letters or may throw out a letter not realising they need to refer to it in the future – having them all easily accessible on the website means they no longer have to worry about losing a letter and avoids phone calls from parents worrying that they misplaced something. It also saves paper which is always a good thing!

Latest News

This is a great place to showcase any achievements in school such as sport tournament wins, great exam results or changes within the school. This area is really open to anything you feel parents or even prospective parents would like to know about and yet it’s often overlooked by schools. Have a think about what’s happened in your school recently – I’m sure you can think of something to post about!


Upcoming Events

Anything that’s happening in school, parents want to hear about it! Whether it’s a class assembly so they can wish their child luck that morning, a summer fair or a non-uniform day – having a full events schedule on the website is really useful and helps parents to plan ahead.

Class Photos

A nice way to help parents and carers feel involved with the school day is to keep the class pages of your website up to date with photos. Taking just a few photos during the day of the children doing their work is a lovely way to keep parents involved – especially if the children are doing something practical! Photos of children making crafts, doing science experiments or new games in PE are all great additions to a school website.

Termly Lunch Menus

If your school follows a set menu for school dinners, these could be posted on the website and updated every time they change. If parents are still remembering the school dinners they used to have, they may not realise the range of options that are available in your school! Posting the menus on your website regularly is a great way to encourage parents to opt for school dinners for their children.


Attendance is probably a huge focus in your school – help highlight this by displaying the weekly attendance on the website. This could be the whole school attendance or broken down in to year or class. Having it displayed and up to date keeps parents informed and gives some context to the impact their own child’s attendance has on the school as a whole.

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