Top tips for keeping your website consistent

When schools have multiple members of staff adding content to their website, they can sometimes find that every page looks or sounds a little bit different as everyone adds their own unique twist on it.

This can seem like a great idea at first, but to anyone looking at the website, it can give the impression that the school doesn’t work as one cohesive unit.

We’ve put together some top tips you can advise staff members of to make sure your website stays consistent:

Use the pre-formatted heading options

Some people like to put headings in bold, some like to have them underlined, but if you have an Edusite website, you’ve already got some pre-formatted heading styles ready to use. Taking advantage of this is a great way of making sure your website looks consistent and also helps you to show up in Google results as Google prefers pages with defined headings and body text.

Keep the text colour the same

It can be tempting to change the colour of a piece of text you wish to highlight, but if this option gets overused, it can mean that actually nothing stands out because everything does! Advise staff members to consider using the bold option to highlight something.

Referring to year groups

This one seems simple but is one of the easier things to lose track of. Deciding firmly on wether year groups are referred to as Y1, Year 1 or Year One and sticking to that across the whole website will make a big difference.

Create templates

If you want all year groups to have the same information on their class pages, it’s a good idea to provide teachers with a template to use. A good way to do this would be to provide a list of headings and advise them to add documents as links under the relevant heading. This means that if parents have children in multiple year groups, they can find the relevant information for each child very easily.

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