Google Translate for School Websites

Why do we use Google Translate on our School websites?

Given the multicultural society we live in, having a translation service built into our school websites is an absolute necessity. By using Google Translate on our school websites, it aids schools in showing that they are reaching out and communicating with every single one of their parents and carers, regardless of whether they use English as their first language or not. Although we recognise that Google Translate is far from perfect, the more it is used the better it will get and the easier it will be to communicate across all languages.

What is Google Translate and how does it work?

Translations on school websites built by Edusite are performed by Google Translate. Google Translate is a free translation service that provides instant translations between different languages.


When Google Translate generates a translation, it looks for patterns in hundreds of millions of documents to help decide on the best translation for you. By detecting patterns in documents that have already been translated by human translators, Google Translate can make intelligent guesses as to what an appropriate translation should be. Since the translations are generated by machines, not all translation will be perfect. This is why translation accuracy will vary across languages.

To translate a page on one of our school websites, all you need to do is either select a language from the dropdown menu of supported languages, or click the flag corresponding to the language if the school has chosen to display specific flags. It’s that simple!