Updating the School Website for a New Term

Welcome back for another school year! If you’re looking at your school website and wondering where you should even start with updating it for the new year, let us give you helpful tips!

Class Pages

Throughout the previous school year, your teachers have probably been updating their class pages on a pretty regular basis meaning they’re now full of last year’s photos and curriculum plans – most of which are probably not relevant to the new class of students! It’s worthwhile to go through the class pages and remove any outdated information so that teachers can have a fresh start for the new year. If there’s anything you’d like to keep on the page you could always add an archive link at the bottom that leads to a different page with the previous years’ content.

Curriculum Page

If you keep all your termly curriculum plans and long term plans on one page, the beginning of the new school year is the perfect time to have a clear out here. Removing the previous year’s information makes it easier for people to work out whether they’re looking at information for this year or the last one. Again, you could consider an archive page which links to the previous years.

Pupil Premium & Sports Premium

If you’ve got your information together for the impact of pupil premium and sport premium, the beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to make sure these are displayed on the website.


If you already know some events that will be occurring in the new school year it’s worth updating the calendar in September to save yourself a job further down the line and allow parents to plan accordingly.

Term Dates

You should make sure you definitely have the correct term dates on the website for the year you’re entering into. As an added bonus, you could even add the term dates for the next year if you already know them.

Dinner Menus

If you’ve got a new school dinner menu and/or prices for the new school year, these should be updated in September so parents can easily access this information.

Updating each of these areas as soon as possible when school starts in September will really set you up on the right foot for the rest of the year.

If your staff are struggling to find time to keep the website up to date, get in touch with us to discuss our content management subscription by calling 01274 649731 or email websites@primaryt.co.uk.