Updating Your Website For Return To School

This September is probably going to look a little different from your usual return to school! We’ve put together some ways you can utilise your school website to help pupils and parents with this transition.

Meet The Teacher

You could use your class pages to have a teacher introduction. Because pupils will have missed the chance to meet their teacher before summer, you could have teachers film a video introducing themselves to ease pupil’s nerves.

Teacher Comment Thread

Making use of the comments section on website posts is a great way of allowing pupils and parents to communicate with teachers and ask any questions they might have. We’ve seen this work really well for schools who create a “comments post” for each class. Pupils and parents can leave questions and their teacher can check regularly to answer any concerns.

Classroom Walkthrough

Having a video or a gallery of pictures of their new classroom can help children feel prepared for their return to school. The school website class pages are a great place to show this off!


If things are going to be different when pupils return to school, having up to date, policies on how things will be managed going forward is a great way to inform parents of the changes your school has made.

Information on Pick Up / Drop Off

If anything has changed at your school regarding when and where parents should drop off or pick up their children at school, it’s good to put this information in an easy to find section of the website. You could put it on it’s own page under the Parents tab if you have one.

If you have any ideas for other useful information school’s could be providing on their website for this return to school, let us know on Twitter!