Website Design for Academies

With more and more schools converting to academies, we’ve taken the time to understand what an academy is and the importance of academy websites. Whether your school has recently converted to an academy or is in the process of converting you’ll now be able to choose a design company to work with you on your marketing and website.

Standing out from the crowd

As an academy, and having the freedom that this brings, we know that you will have a desire to create a strong visual identity to make your academy stand out. We can craft marketing materials that will help you to communicate your academy vision and ethos to a wider community. It’s fair to say that even more so than any other educational organisation, an academy needs strong marketing plans to engage with students, parents and other interested parties and show why and how they are different.

To make an impact, it’s not only your website that needs to be top-class, the rest of your branding including your prospectus needs to excel too. We’ve got a team of talented designers who can fulfil all of your design needs under one roof, including photography and video - which should hopefully save you time and money.

What we can do for your academy:
  • Academy rebrand and logo design
  • Bespoke content managed academy websites
  • Brochure and prospectus design for academies; including online interactive flipbooks
  • Engaging video to show off your academy
  • Stunning professional photography
  • Academy stationery ready for print
  • Blogging platform
Academy Trusts

An academy trust can create a strong consistent brand by implementing a uniform look across all of their schools; making sure the group is easily recognisable. We can find a style that allows a certain amount of individual customisation to allow each school to have a website personal to them and ownership of their own site, whilst ensuring that each school is clearly part of the same group.

An academy group can have matching websites for all it's schools

If you’d like to discuss your academy design requirements with us please get in touch by calling 0845 68 01274 and ask to speak to speak to one of the team, although you’ll probably get Chris (sorry about that!).