What Information Should you Display on Class Pages

It can be tricky to decide what information to share on your class pages when you seem to have so much information throughout the rest of the website. When used well, class pages can be a great way to get relevant information to parents without causing confusion as to whether it applies to their child. Here are some of the things we see on class pages that we think are a great idea:

Termly Newsletters

Parents and carers like to know what their kids are up to. The newsletter doesn’t have to be all curriculum based – perhaps your class is looking forward to getting a class pet, going on a trip to the park or enjoying a day of working outside – these are all great things to let parents know in a newsletter!

Class Photos

When the children are doing an engaging activity, it can be a nice opportunity to get some pictures! We’ve seen this used really effectively to both show off the children enjoying their time in school and some more close up images to demonstrate examples of work for Ofsted. Have a look at Holy Trinity’s class pages to see this used really effectively.



The class page can be a great way to make sure homework makes it home – if parents know they can check the school website for homework they’ll always know what needs to be done! You could upload homework to the website as it gets assigned or upload the whole term’s homework in advance. This works for spellings, time tables, future projects – anything!

Staff Pen Portraits

If parents work full time they may not have a chance to come to parents evenings and as such may never get to meet their child’s teacher. Having a pen portrait on the website which explains who they are, how long they’ve been at the school and something about their hobbies can be hugely reassuring to parents that their children are in good hands.

Class Specific Timetables

If your class has a specific timetable – for example Year 6 SATs week, or Year 3 swimming lessons, your class page can be a great place to put this timetable.

Basically, if you treat each class page as a communication between parents and teachers, it can be an amazing resource and will always be full of helpful information.

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