What Resources should you Provide for Students on your School Website?

As well as keeping parents up to date and providing information for OFSTED, your school website can be a great tool for keeping pupils engaged in their learning.

Here are some of our tips for using your website this way:

Comment Threads

Making use of the comments section on website posts is a great way of allowing pupils to communicate with their teacher. We’ve seen this work really well for schools who create a “comments post” for each class. Students can leave questions and their teacher can check regularly to answer any concerns.


Using galleries to show off pupil work and activities in school is a great way of keeping them engaged. They’ll be able to go to the website and show their parents what they’ve been doing. It’s also a great way of instilling pride in their work.

Educational Games

Having a page on your website just for links to educational games is a great idea. It means pupils will be able to quickly find any games that have been recommended in class and encourages them to do independent learning at home.


Your school website it a great place to provide easy to understand information about staying safe online. Children will also need to know how to report anything and who to turn to if something happened to them online.


There’s a range of things you could have leaderboards for on your website to encourage pupils to try their hardest to win the top spot. Some examples that we’ve seen are attendance, Timetable Rockstars and house points!

Do you have any examples of how to keep pupils coming back to the school website? If so, let us know on Twitter.