What Resources should you Provide for Students on your School Website?

Your school website should be a great place for providing information for staff, parents and Ofsted, however it can also be a key place for your pupils to visit.

Here are a few content ideas that we think could be on your school website for students to view.

Class galleries or newsletters

Giving pupils the opportunity to view photos of what they’ve been upto in class will engage pupils and encourage them to visit their school website and will also give them the facility to show their parents and carers what they have been doing in school.

eSafety Information

eSafety is an important consideration and children using the internet need to know how to use it safely. They also need to know the appropriate steps to take if they need to report anything and who to turn to. Providing this information on your school’s website helps to keep your pupils safe online.

After school clubs, and extra curricular activities

Allow children to see what else is available for them to join in with outside the classroom, should hopefully increase their interest in being involved in extra-curricular activities.

News and Events

Allow your pupils to see what’s coming up in school, including school trips, exam dates, school performances and holiday dates.

If you've got more examples of what you like to have on your school website, why not let us know on Twitter.