Where do prospectuses fit into modern school marketing?

Although it is no longer a requirement by Ofsted to have a printed school prospectus, this doesn’t mean that the humble prospectus is any less important.

Prospectuses and brochures can be handed out to parents and visitors at school events and open days, and give an instant impression of the school, especially when the school website isn’t immediately viewable. Your website is still a necessity when marketing your school, but schools shouldn’t discount the power of a well-designed, printed prospectus.

The school prospectus can come in many styles, shapes and sizes and cover various content areas, but the main focus is that it should be a celebration of everything that is unique about the school and what the school has to offer. It should portray the school values, the academic achievements and showcase photographs of what it has to offer prospective and current pupils.

From a practical point of view, if internet access is not available or parents want to show other members of the family details about the school, having the prospectus there to flick through can really bring the feel of the school home and put at ease any concerns family members may have about the school.

School Prospectuses by Edusite

As far as text content is concerned, you can make it as informative or as brief as you like. We’d recommend a minimum of 8 pages and no more than 32, and the content can contain anything from a welcome message from the Head teacher, to Ethos and Aims, Curriculum information, details about educational visits, school rules and general information. Not to mention lots of photos that really show off the school's facilities.

As the people who know the school best, we feel that it is up to the Head teacher and/or the Senior Leadership Team to come up with the wording for the prospectus. But if you’re really unsure how to word the prospectus, a professional copywriter should be able to capture the essence of your school and craft some perfect words.

The school prospectus fits into modern school marketing as the cornerstone of the school brand. The website is there for quick reference but the prospectus is there to give the school more tactility and a “sit down and read with a cup of coffee” feel. If you'd like to see some of our school prospectus designs you can take a look at our portfolio here.