Why we use WordPress for our Content Managed School Websites

With more and more attention being paid to school websites, it’s now more important than ever, that the website is kept up to date and is full of information. We recognise that schools need to be able to update their websites themselves, with a platform that is easy to use and doesn’t take up unnecessary time.

When we were choosing which content management system (CMS) to use we considered various alternatives and weighed up the pro’s and con’s of each one, keeping the needs of our schools in mind. Our final decision was that we would use a platform called WordPress. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the UK and has lots of other benefits too. Let us explain more.

Education websites that are easy to manage

WordPress is easy to manage and update, it has an intuitive visual editor that is very much like Word. It’s easy to create new pages, add links, images, documents and more.

Website functionality for education

The wide-ranging functionality that WordPress allows is fantastic. There are a copious amount of plugins available that can be implemented into your website to add features such as school calendars, news feeds, news tickers and forms.


Another consideration is that the platform needs to be search engine friendly, WordPress ticks this box too. Out of the box, it’s geared towards being appealing to search engines and that’s without using one of the free SEO plugins available. WordPress by default will allow you to easily add alt tags to your images and set headings in your page content. In addition, the SEO plugin we use will automatically create page titles and meta descriptions for you.

Version control for teachers and admin staff

The inbuilt version control that WordPress has means users don’t need to worry if they make a mistake. Teachers and admin staff can easily revert to a previously saved version of a page if they should need to go back for any reason. We find this gives a much needed confidence boost to those a little nervous about making mistakes

Pupil comment moderation

If you want to allow comments on your website, with Esafety in mind, WordPress can give you peace of mind. With just one click, you can ensure that all comments placed on your school site have to be approved by an administrator before being published.

Easy to add school video and image galleries

Adding rich media such as photo galleries or embedding video is simple with WordPress making it easy to add engaging content to your school website.

Website user management

WordPress allows you to manage your website users with ease and provides great control of user capabilities. You can allow users to add content but not publish it or grant users access to certain parts of the site only.

Hopefully you’ll now have a greater insight into our reasons for using WordPress. Contact us on 0845 68 01274 to arrange a free demo.