What Should You Include in a Prospectus?

It’s tempting to copy and paste all the information from your website, put it on paper and call it a prospectus. This isn’t great for two reasons – one being that it offers nothing new and is a waste of an opportunity. The other reason being that parents are busy – they might not have time to read paragraph after paragraph of text but if you offer them something easy to flick through, it’s much more likely to appeal. Try to think of your prospectus like a sales brochure. You want more pupils in your school, parents have a lot of options, you need to convince them you’re the best choice! So how do you do that?

A lot of images

The best way to show off your school’s unique environment is to literally show it! A prospectus gives you a great opportunity to mix full page images with image galleries and package them all together. For example, if you’ve got a new, modern school building – parent’s don’t need to know the specifics, just show them the awesome new facilities it provides!

Short, Informative points

Your prospectus should not assume that the person reading it will be sending their child to your school, so there are certain things it might be tempting to say that you don’t need to. For example, there’s no need to get into the uniform requirements and pricing in your prospectus. Nor do you need to start explaining the times of the day students go for lunch. Simply showing a picture of a child in uniform and having a small statement saying “Our school provides healthy, balanced meals for children at lunch time” is sufficient. Keep it snappy!


School Achievements

You want to really show off in your prospectus – what is your school most proud of? This could be anything – sporting achievements, exam results, creative endeavours – let parents know about these. Just as every child is different, so is each school – letting parents know what yours excels at helps them decide if you’re a good fit for their child.

School Values

Every school has a set of values and you should note these in your prospectus, but it might help parents to know how your school demonstrates its values. For example, if you say you value community, let parents know how this is demonstrated within school life!

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