Why your School Needs to Pick the Right Company for your New School Website

When your school or academy is choosing a company to work with on your new school website, there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration. One of the main considerations tends to be price. But is this wise?

In most cases, you get what you pay for and is a website offered as a cheaper deal really up-to the mark? There are lots of reasons why you need to go for the right design firm, and not just the cheapest deal:

Easy to update

Do you know what CMS (content management system) your agency is using and have you seen it in action? We’ll happily show you the admin area of the website so you can see just how simple it is, and we widely promote that we use WordPress - one of the most used CMS’s in the world. If a company is using a bespoke CMS you run the risk that it doesn’t work very well and is hard to use and find support for as well as leaving you with no options to migrate your data if you choose to move.


If your school website doesn’t look good, it doesn’t reflect well on your school. Your website, is the first thing most people will look at when thinking about your school, probably before they even visit and if it isn’t visually pleasing it can create a bad first impression. You want your school website to reflect your school’s ethos and values.


Cheaper website packages may use templates rather than designing and building a bespoke website. We never use templates and design your school website based around your individual requirements and likes. We believe in ensuring your school website is unique to your school and exactly how you want it, paying attention to detail at every step.


It’s important that your school website ranks well in Google so that people can find and access your school website. If you’ve got a website that looks lovely, but no one visits, it’s pretty useless really! We build all our websites with SEO (search engine optimisation) best practices in mind to ensure your website can be found.


You need to know that your website is developed using the latest coding standards and will last for years to come. You should be getting a responsive website meaning that it will work well on mobiles and tablets - that’s the way that lots of people surf the internet nowadays. We make sure your school website is as future-proof as possible. What’s more, if you ever decided to leave us and move to another WordPress service, you’d be able to export and take all your website content with you.

Choosing a design company for your school


We all know the importance of Ofsted regulations and that Ofsted will visit your school website before visiting your school. Are your chosen company aware of the Ofsted regulations to offer guidance on this and can they guarantee it will work properly on all devices? The inspector might visit your website on an iPad, you need to ensure they can see all of your important information.

Training and ongoing costs

With all of our website packages, we provide training and support so that, if you want to, you are able to update your school website within school, without outside help. If your agency doesn’t provide this, how will you go on updating your website? Will you need to keep going back to your design company and paying them for making changes on your behalf? These costs can really mount up and what seemed to be a cheap deal to begin with, soon runs into an expensive project.

Getting it right the first time

If you go with a firm and they don’t deliver a website that you’re happy with, you can end up going live with a school website you’re not happy with, or a costly bill at the end of it. Here at Edusite, we ask for sign-off at the design stage, so we can make sure you’re entirely happy with the design before we build it. This avoids any unexpected costs, and we always find we’ve got happy customers when we finish a project!

To talk to us about your school website and for a website quote, you can contact us here or call 0845 68 01274.